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Carbon Fiber Windsurfing Mast

Carbon Fiber Windsurfing SDM Mast 460

Carbon Fiber Windsurfing SDM Mast 460

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Windsurfing mast program is based around three performance levels: FLX100, FLX70 and FLX40. All masts ensures optimum control of fiber preload and resin distribution throughout the laminate (avoiding risk of air bubbles that could cause local weakness). All masts are featuring the unique progressive flex and bend curve, compatible with all sail models on the market. Higher performance level masts will have higher carbon content reducing the weight of the mast as well as significantly increasing reflex and overall performance.

A precision engineered, machine made filament wound mast, each individual yarn is applied to a pre-set computer program. Each mast size has a custom layup of carbon yarns where each individual layer is applied at a unique angle to the mandrel to match the bend characteristics, loads and load angles each section will be subject . Masts are subject to twisting and torque loads and only filament wound technology allows precision matching of load bearing yarns with the actual load angles the mast is subject.

The RDM masts are compatible in curve with SDM masts. Choose a RDM mast for a softer, more forgiving feel and durability. Choose a SDM mast for faster response, stability and more direct feel. We recommend to use SDM masts on cambered sails.


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