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Window Cleaning Pole

Windows Cleaning Pole

Windows Cleaning Pole

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BESTWILLCarbon Fiber Water Fed Pole  is made of 100% carbon fibre material .


Advantages :1. Light weight   2. High strength   3. Long-lasting   

Handle section material of our pole could be Glass fiber , so it will be insulated against live wire & electric shock . 

Gap between each section is 0.2mm  

Application: Flag pole, radio mast, windows cleaning pole ,  photography system , handle tool .



Type Working
Sections Approx
 Pole Weight
BWCF18 22ft 5.23m 4 1000g 30.5mm
BWCF22 26ft 6.39m 5 1300g 33.5mm
BWCF25 30ft 7.66m 5 1410g 33.5mm
BWCF30 35ft 9.02m 6 1700g 36.5mm
BWCF35 40ft 10.35m 7 2100g 39.5mm
BWCF40 44ft 11.89m 8 2400g 42.5mm
BWCF45 50ft 13.56m 8 2800g 42.5mm
BWCF47 52ft 14.37m 10 3250g 48.5mm
BWCF50 55ft 15.07m 9 3250g 45.5mm
BWCF61 66ft 18.60m 10 4300g 48.5mm


Other specifications can be made according to per customer's requirements  .


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