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Carbon Fiber Driveshafts 145.108

Carbon Fiber Driveshafts 145.108

Carbon Fiber Driveshafts 145.108

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Bestwill composite has the broadest selection to supply the composite drive shafts. We can supply a complete shaft that is dynamically balanced and ready to install, we also can supply the individual composite tubes and having to assemble them. We build these shafts every day, know the ins and outs of foreign drive shafts, and usually have the molds in stock ready to make the shafts when you call.

Bestwill composite also supplies shafts for OEM applications in Cooling tower, Wind turbine, limousines, mid-size buses, power boats, industrial drives and more.


     Carbon fiber drive shafts are becoming more commonly used in automotive, commercial, industrial and marine industries.  They tend to be utilized in the most demanding and specialized fields because of their unique capabilities, including:

  • Higher RPM
  • Higher Torque capacity
  • Better Reliability
  • Increased Safety
  • Lighter than steel or aluminum
  • Three times tensional strength of steel
  • Reduced noise, vibration and harmonics
  • Eliminates or dampens high speed vibrations
  • Reduces transmission and differential breakage
  • Widely used in cooling tower,racing car and wind turbine generator
  • Tailor-made as per site requirement and given specifications

 For Further information please contact us in the email : sales@bestwillcomposite.com


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