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HM Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole

HM Carbon Fiber BWTerminator35

HM Carbon Fiber  BWTerminator35

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BESTWILL HM Carbon Fiber  Water Fed pole has the highest ever stiffness and strength.


BESTWILL  used High Modulus Carbon Fibre (HMCF), which has up to 65% higher modulus than traditional 

carbon fibreThis allows for a step change in stiffness to weight and strength to weight ratios, meaning that 

these poles can be lighter and stiffer than previously possible. HMCF is essential in the ultra high reach 

telescopic pole market where both low weight and high stiffness are critical.


Advantages :1. Light weight   2. High strength   3. Long-lasting   

Handle section material of our pole could be Glass fiber , so it will be insulated against live wire & electric shock . 

Gap between each section is 0.2mm  

Application: Flag pole, radio mast, windows cleaning pole ,  photography system , handle tool .


Type Working
Pole Weight Handle
BWTerminator35 40ft 10.31m 1590g 39.5mm
BW(Terminator+)35Ext 49ft 13.12m 2240g 45.5mm


Other specifications can be made according to per customer's requirements .



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