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Push Pole

Carbon Fiber Telescopic Push Pole

Carbon Fiber Telescopic  Push Pole

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BESTWILL COMPOSITE CO., LTD. has the broadest selection to supply the composite push pole. We can supply a push pole that is corrosion-resistant, light weight. The push pole is handmade of only the best 100% composite materials we can find and our pole weighs in at only ounces per foot.We build these push pole every day, know the ins and outs of foreign push pole, and usually have the molds in stock ready to make the push pole when you order.

  1. Customizable length
  2. Ultra lightweight Carbon fiber design
  3. 3K carbon   surface
  4. Floats  if dropped  overboard

Available:6 ft. to 12 ft., 9 ft. to 17 ft.

Other specifications can be made according to per customer's requirements .


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