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Measuring Pole

Measuring rods ruler

Measuring rods ruler

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    Bestwill Composite Co., Ltd. supply Fiberglass Measuring Polewhen you want to measure from the ground up to the underside of something tall.It has many advantages,Once extended, you simply read the counter and take your measurement, then you retract the pole. The top tier has a metal flip-out feeler or stop that you can put up against what you are measuring to. This tool is great for measuring underneath bridges, overhangs, utility lines, telephone poles, ceilings, and more.


   Bestwill Composite Co., Ltd.  Make theseMeasuring rods ruler every day, Has the sample in stock, the length is difference for different height, and usually have the sample in stock ready to send when you Place the order



·  Rugged fiberglass construction with excellent tensile strength

·  Compact and easy carrying: Only 4'-8" long when closed

·  Lightweight: Less than 5 pounds for easy carrying

·  Smooth telescoping movement with friction clamps for no-slip extension

·  Bright yellow color for safety

·  Includes Manufacturers 90 Day Warranty


For Further information please contact us in the email : Sales@bestwillcomposite.com 


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