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Carbon Fiber Plates

3k Twill and Plain Carbon Fiber Plate

3k Twill and Plain Carbon Fiber Plate
3k Twill and Plain Carbon Fiber Plate p1

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Bestwill composite co., ltd.Is a leading manufacturer and exporter of composite materials in china.We mainly produce carbon fiber products.We can carry out production, processing service according to customer's drawings or samples.Providing the best products and solutions is our company tenet.



Carbon fiber Sheets/Plates
1.Material: 1K, 1.5K, 3K Plain/Twill carbon fiber and Glass fiber
2. Color: More than 20 colors, such as Black, Blue, Red, Silver, Pink, Yellow, Gold and so on...
3.Standard size: 500*500mm, 400*500mm
4.Thickness: Many gauges can be done by customers' specification
5. With Gloss or Matt Surface finishing



Description of goods


Working process

Length x Width x Thickness (mm)

below is the regular size we make, we can make customer design

carbon fiber sheet

3k plain woven carbon fiber


500 x 400 x 1.0

500 x 400 x 1.2

3k twill woven carbon fiber

500 x 400 x 1.5

500 x 400 x 2.0

500 x 400 x 2.5

UD carbon fiber

500 x 400 x 3.0

500 x 400 x 4.0

500 x 400 x 5.0

500 x 400 x 6.0

1. Strengthening material for C/C compound material.
2. Filtration material under high temperature and for caustic liquid.
3. Electric conduct material, electrode.
4. Static electricity resistance.

1. Aerospace,RC model parts Helicopters Model 
2. Decoration parts 
3. Manufacture fixtures and tooling
4. Industrial automation and robotics
5. Sports equipment
6. Musical instruments
7. Scientific apparatus
8. Medical device
9. Others

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