How to Fix a Cracked Clear Coat on a Carbon Fiber Hood

Carbon fiber is a light weight and durable material. The color dark gray with lighter gray lines crossing though it, which make a very small checked pattern. Most carbon fiber hoods are not painted with colors and are only protected by a clear coat of paint. If the clear coat becomes cracked, the repair is simple and not as difficult as repairing a cracked clear coat on painted hoods. With few materials and about two hours of time, you can fix a cracked clear coat on a carbon fiber hood.


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      Use the red scuff pad to scuff along the crack in the clear coat. Scuff along and near the crack, up to two or three inches on each side of the crack. Scuffing will make the clear coat appear dull. Scuff along the crack until it is no longer visible.

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      Wipe the scuffed areas with wax and grease remover and a towel. This removes any grease from fingerprints or wax from cleaners previously used on the hood. These contaminants will result in imperfections in the new clear coat.

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      Hold the can of clear coat paint six to eight inches from the surface. Spray along the scuffed area, covering all of the area that looks dull. Apply a total of three coats of clear coat paint. Let the paint dry for three hours before handling it. When dry, the area won't look dull and will blend with the entire hood.

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