How to Make Carbon Fiber Kayak Paddles

There's nothing like kayaking. The feeling of freedom and control over the craft is unrivaled and the versatility of a kayak makes it a winner in nearly any waters. It can, however, be a costly hobby. Making your own carbon fiber paddles can save you hundreds of dollars as well as giving you the freedom to modify the paddle to fit your needs.

Step 1
Use either an old Carbon fiber  paddle for the form of the mold or carve a wooden mock-up or "plug." If you are using a plug, make one side flat instead of curved. Coat with paste wax.
Step 2
Put the 6 oz. fiberglass over the plug and coat with epoxy. After it has cured, apply the two layers of 1.5-ounce chopped-strand fiberglass and epoxy and let it cure completely. Remove the plug from the mold.
Step 3
Wet one 5.8-ounce carbon fiber with the mixed epoxy and lay it in the mold, pressing it firmly into all spaces. Continue wetting and pressing the carbon fiber with the other three pieces. Trim the excess fiber with the razor blade. Let it dry for 18 hours.
Step 4
Remove the paddle from the mold and clean it with water. Make three more paddles the same way you did the first one. You will need four paddle halves to make one complete paddle.
Step 5
Sand the paddles and trim excess fibers. Apply epoxy to the flat backs of two carbon fiber paddles and adhere them together. Use clamps to secure them while they are curing. Repeat this process for the other two paddle sections.
Step 6
Sand the ends of each paddle and clean well. Assemble the entire paddle by using the aluminum tube to connect both sections together. Coat the seams with epoxy and wrap pieces of 1x2-inch 5.8-ounce plain weave carbon fiber wetted with epoxy around the center portion.
Step 7
Let cure for 48 hours and sand. Apply a light coat of epoxy to the entire paddle and sand again after curing.

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