Toray launches a new product - carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite wire mesh

Toray Plastics Precision, based in Tokyo, has teamed up with okugoku, based in kobe, Japan, to fabricate new mesh structures from carbon-fibre reinforced thermoplastic composite panels and plans to expand the use of the products in areas such as filters.This technical product has applied for patent protection. 
The wire mesh products developed by using this product have the excellent properties of light weight and high strength, which can be widely used in the fields of aerospace, automobile, air filters of various facilities, as well as the screen screens with high demand for electronic materials and durable materials.Mr Otani said he would expand sales of the product in aerospace and electric vehicles in Japan and overseas, and planned to generate annual sales of y100m within five years.
At present, the maximum screen size of the product can be 1 meter wide, 50-70 meters long specifications, produced by toray plastic precision company.Okujingang plans to further increase plate thickness and mesh size in the future. 
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