Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole BWCF40

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BESTWILL COMPOSITE Co., Ltd. Supply Water Fed Pole, Water Fed Poles have the following features Water Fed Poles are constructed of high quality composite material and finished with acrylic resin for economy. Water Fed Poles have a standard plastic base cap fitted. Water Fed Poles have a threaded insert bonded into the top section to connect to the brush. Cleaning Poles are supplied with a standard angle adapter. Cleaning Pole are supplied with BESTWILL with an extra thick wall to help resist against nicks or pin pricks.

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BESTWILLCarbon Fiber Water Fed Pole  is made of 100% carbon fibre material .


Advantages :1. Light weight   2. High strength   3. Long-lasting   

Handle section material of our pole could be Glass fiber , so it will be insulated against live wire & electric shock . 

Gap between each section is 0.2mm  

Application: Flag pole, radio mast, windows cleaning pole ,  photography system , handle tool .



Type Working
Sections Approx
 Pole Weight
BWCF40 44ft 11.89m 8 2400g 42.5mm


Other specifications can be made according to per customer's requirements  .


 Label : Carbon Fiber Water Fed PoleWindow Cleaning Pole,Telescopic PoleExtension Pole,Flag pole,Flex Pole,Carbon Fiber Cleaning Pole,Advertising Flags


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